Visionary Dry Eye Institute of Georgia


Initial Dry Eye Evaluation w/imaging and labsWith Insurance (copay + $69)
Out of Pocket $300
4-6 monitor visits evaluation w/imaging and labs$199
Intense pulse light Therapy + Expression$500 per session, 4 sessions $1900
RadioFrequency + Expression$500 per session, 4 sessions $1900
In office lid cleaning$45
MiboFlo + Expression$90 per session
Combination Therapy RF + IPL +Expression$750 per session, 4 sessions $2900
*Miebomian Gland Heat and Evacuation (Tear Care) + Expression$600
Rinsada Eye Rinse$55
Teen dry eye package: Lid Cleaning + Rinsada+(Mibo or LLLT)$170
Serum Tears$400 (90-day supply includes blood draw)
Demodex Blepharitis Lid cleaning, LLLT Blue light, MGX and Xdemvy drops+Rinsada$150.00
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