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Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a powerful treatment that utilizes intense pulses of non-coherent light across various wavelengths. Its benefits encompass reducing inflammation, addressing meibomian gland dysfunction, combating bacteria buildup, and improving tear break up time.

Heat Therapy

Specialized applicators will gently administer a constant, therapeutic heat to your eyelids. This serves to unclog the meibomian glands, resulting in improved oil production, a healthier tear film, and a reduction of dry eye symptoms. Your doctor will then express these glands as part of your personalized treatment, ensuring optimal results and enhanced eye health.
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Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency Therapy (RF) is a highly reliable and clinically proven in-office treatment option for dry eyes. This innovative procedure involves gently increasing your skin temperature using radiofrequency, which then generates heat and effectively stimulates the production of collagen.

Punctal Plug Inclusion

Punctal plugs are small, biocompatible devices that can be inserted into tear ducts, effectively blocking drainage. By doing so, they work to increase the eye’s tear film and surface moisture, providing much-needed relief for specific types of dry eye conditions.
Punctal Plug Inclusion

Platelet Rich Plasma Regenerative Eye Drops

“PRP,” or platelet-rich plasma, is a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the power of a patient’s own blood. Through a specialized centrifuge process, the platelet-rich plasma is isolated and activated, unlocking a wealth of growth factors that play a pivotal role in amplifying the healing process, stimulating cell growth, collagen production, and fostering the recovery of corneal and conjunctival cells.
Platelet Rich Plasma Regenerative Eye Drops

Amniotic Membranes

Amniotic membranes play a vital role in maintaining corneal health. Placed directly on the front of the eye, they act as a nourishing and protective barrier. These membranes also contribute rejuvenating stem cells to the cornea, preventing potential damage caused by dryness.
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At the Visionary Dry Eye Institute, we offer a wide range of both prescription and nonprescription solutions to effectively address dry eyes. Our expert recommendations include a variety of products such as eye drops (commonly known as artificial tears), gels, and ointments. Rest assured, we have the precise solution to relieve your dry eyes and keep your vision clear and comfortable.

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Lid Cleaning

Posterior blepharitis is a frequent culprit behind dry eyes. Fortunately, regular eyelid cleaning can prove effective in treating and preventing this condition. The ultimate aim is to unclog the oil glands, enabling a smooth and uninterrupted flow. Our dry eye center in Atlanta specializes in a wide range of solutions, including both in-office treatments and effective home remedies to ensure proper lid hygiene.
Lid Cleaning - dry eye treatment
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